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Top companies from the UK and US hire DevzClub PHP developers for their most prestigious projects.

DevzClub is a curated pool of top talented PHP developers who are performance-driven in challenging web applications development environments. From eCommerce applications, social networking to collaboration apps, the curated PHP developers foster a broad set of specialized backend skills and abilities to build market-leading applications.

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Reason for hiring PHP developers from DevzClub?

Companies hire DevzClub PHP developers to successfully draft new modules, new techniques.

Full-Scale expertise

DevzClub Node developers are skilled in backend coding for distinctive web applications like social media, real-time monitoring, online gaming, collaboration tools, and much more.

Expectation quality

The developers are amazing teammates, not just amazing workers who are brilliant in technical capabilities as well as soft skills.

Fresher's affirmation

DevzClub allows you to pay for outcome-based hours that have been delivered in alignment with expectation. You will not be charged and even keep any work wrapped up during the trial.

Savvy services

An agile technique and productive project process of the DevzClub Node developers are creating blocks for companies to accomplish projects at a cost-effective rate.

Profoundly Capable and Experienced

DevzClub Node developers are PHP certified (NCD) and take fussy consideration of every customer's tasks to scale business convincingly.

Phenomenal post-project support

DevzClub PHP developer guarantees you awesome post-project assistance. According to our customer's interests, our committed developers of the time also work on site.

Budget-friendly packages

Code life to stunning applications and benefit quality services at an entirely sensible package with dedicated developers.


The developers are trained to deliver with trust. At the point when the customer realizes what's going on every time then they feel more in charge.

Customized solutions

DevzClub PHP developers are up to date with the latest version of PHP structures to ensure the application is using all the available node components.

Dedicated PHP developer hiring process with DevzClub


Expertise communication

An expert in our group will reach you to comprehend your targets, objectives, details, and project demands.


Expert developer

In a couple of days, we'll take you to the right developer that coordinates with your business thoughts. Although, it will take an estimate of around 24 hours.


Satisfactory outcomes

Work with your new associate on a trial time (pay whenever satisfied), promising you to utilize the ideal developer to finish your concepts impeccably.

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Frequently asked questions

DevzClub completely screens PHP developers to guarantee the ability of the greatest type. We screen our developers following the siliconvalley protocol to via live coding test task and technical interview by CTOs of top firms. You'll work with engineering specialists (never summed up selection representatives or HR reps) to comprehend your objectives, technical requirements, and group elements. The outcome is master vetted talent from our network, custom matched to accommodate your business needs.

Depending upon accessibility and how quickly you can work, you could begin working with a DevzClub PHP developer within 48 hours of joining.

DevzClub ensures that every commitment among you and your PHP developer starts with a time for testing of as long as about fourteen days. This implies that having the opportunity and energy to affirm the commitment will be fruitful. Assuming that you're totally happy with the outcomes, DevzClub will charge you for the time and proceed with the commitment however long you'd like. If you're not fulfilled, you will not be charged. From that point, DevzClub can either head out in different directions or can give you another master who might be a superior fit and with whom DevzClub will start a second, no-risk trial.

Hiring Guide

How to hire PHP developers from India?

With the below inquiries, we'll continue further by giving you the essential information to draw for the best quality ability, perceive the best up-and-comer, and end up with a respectable PHP developer that you can show interest for your particular business or venture needs.

  1. Additional programming languages

    A strong understanding of front-end programming languages like JavaScript, CSS, and HTML is fundamental to have the option to recognize and address any errors in the website design. Being knowledgeable in these languages will also assist with better getting a handle on what it means for the user experience (UX), which is the ultimate objective in most programming projects.

  2. PHP practices

    Design patterns are valuable in every software development, including PHP. It can accelerate development by presenting repeatable solutions for normal issues. It also assists with further developing code readability as different developers will perceive the examples being utilized. Probably the most widely recognized designs patterns in PHP applications incorporate Factory, Strategy, and Singleton, however, there are a lot of others to will grasps with.

  3. Comfortable with ‘composer’

    These are a portion of the tools that will make a superior PHP developer. ‘Composer’ is a dependency manager that will deal with your libraries, classes, and capacities, permitting you to effectively introduce various forms of each for every per-project basis.

  4. Solving issues

    PHP developer will confront unforeseen issues that have to fix on how to approach doing that will assume a significant part in how important it’s on a development project. One of these is critical thinking, which is important in all web development. Critical thinking is having the option to analyze and evaluate various answers for an issue to come up with the best one and is additionally significant for writing quality code.

  5. Communication skills

    It can be a whizz with PHP code, but if it won't have the idea of how to speak with others you might battle to work successfully in a team task. There should have the option to converse with clients, partners, and supervisors, to comprehend the business objectives, to raise issues, and clarify how on work fits into the more extensive product.

Steps to hiring PHP developers from India for Web Development?

Here are a few hints for the recruiters to follow these days to get a portion of the best PHP developers in their respective organizations are as referenced below:

  1. Employing a PHP Developer is certifiably not a simple job, so the recruiters must make sure that they are capable and they are gifted PHP programmers.

They ought to have the option to deal with a wide range of necessities required in the organization with their sound technical information. On the PHP projects, they must have the option to execute their abilities and felt open to conversing with a portion of the clients and notice the client's nature of work he keeps up with.

A portion of the significant pointers that the recruiters focus on when they employ PHP developers are an upgrade, site integration, and maintenance.

Likewise, a few of the essential applications must have the option to be created by the PHP developers with the assistance of customized e-commerce applications.

Additionally, fundamental multimedia apps and social networking apps additionally hold esteem in this domain.

A portion of the expert PHP developers ought to have ideal information on integration and Content Management System Development.

What to look for when you hire PHP developers from India?

Apart from the above-mentioned qualities of a skilled PHP developer; look at these mandatory steps that you ought to continue in every single meeting while at the same time employing PHP developers.

  1. A legitimate examination should be made on how long the candidate has functioned in the PHP field. You ought to also assess within how long they can finish their projects.

  2. They ought to have extra information on different languages like AJAX, MySql, HTML, XHTML, Zend, and so forth obviously, this is more similar to a reward pointer. Pay special attention to it.

  3. Having a fair design sense is likewise a surprisingly positive turn of events. .

Advantages of working with PHP developers India?

In the time of digital era, companies opt for an easy-to-use website and this is the motivation behind why they decide to employ PHP developers for their business necessities. An expert PHP programmer normally has huge experience with creating dynamic sites. Below are 5 advantages that you can get while recruiting a PHP developer from India.

  1. When you enlist an expert PHP developer from India you can get a PHP web programmer who is capable in any arrangement of PHP ranges of abilities like CSS, JavaScript, XHTML, AJAX, XML HTML, and so on.

  2. PHP organizations in India guarantee to give nonstop technical support facilities.

  3. Web programmers have progressed and upgraded information regarding PHP

  4. When you recruit a PHP developer from India, you can stay guaranteed of one thing is the programmer will work dedicatedly on your venture to deliver quality work at the guaranteed time. This implies they are exceptionally talented as well as solid and skilled in handling testing tasks.

  5. Employing a PHP programmer from DEVz club India can save you a huge amount of cash. It can save up to 60% of your costs while outsourcing your PHP project to India.

How to hire PHP developers most effectively?

Below are the recommendations that will positively assist you with assessing the interviewee's technical capacities. Let’s have a glance here.

  1. Try not to ask any cliché questions

    The issue with cliché inquiries is that the response is rarely true. It is consistently similar to a pre-arranged speech. So we should stay away from that. Turn your emphasis on questions that can test the abilities of the candidate.

  2. Ask questions about their past experience

    Discuss their past experiences and projects. Ask a short portrayal and ultimately drop down to the details. This will give an understanding of their workflow and assume they are ideal for your projects. You may also look at or request their portfolios, case studies as well as client testimonials to survey their technical abilities and experience.

  3. Test their learning abilities

    Having the option to adjust and acquire is significant expertise in this modern age. With the speed at which tech patterns are advancing, nobody should wait concerning abilities. So ensure that whoever you enlist, should learn and adjust.

  4. Communication skills

    While employing PHP developers, communication is the prime range of abilities that you are searching for. At different events, the developers need to impart the communication of their to non-technical individuals of the group or even with the actual clients. In conditions such as these, if the developers neglect to have a legitimate discussion with the client, it tends to be a significant misfortune.

  5. Attitude

    if he/she lacks fundamental soft abilities like a confident character, interpersonal abilities, or a craving for learning, it can go about as an obstacle to the work process. Likewise, all through this whole method, make it a point to explain each uncertainty that emerges in your mind. The non-disclosure agreements, and the terms and conditions, must be clear to keep away from intricacies later on.

An essential skill every PHP developer must have?

While employing a web developer, you want to ensure they have the correct experience and PHP programming abilities to have an effect and assist you with accomplishing your business objectives. Pretty much every site or web app will have a solid group of PHP developers behind it, assisting their manager with remaining one step in front of the competition. If you're battling to pinpoint the abilities you want, we've selected five core abilities to pay special attention to on your mission to recruit an incredible PHP developer.

  1. Beyond Expertise

    Making a web application is not a simple task. You'll require a developer with PHP abilities to get your project going. Otherwise, you could be in a trouble. Try not to jump in feet first while recruiting a developer, ensure they have the technical information and range of abilities to match your needs. This should make them balanced developers and the perfect individual for your business.

  2. Client side script

    A Fruitful PHP developer should have a fundamental comprehension of different PHP scripts, Web API, and client-side Scripting languages like HTML and CSS, JavaScript, etc.

  3. Database

    PHP programming is regarding a variety of Data Resources and Information. A software developer should have fundamental information on the PHP framework back to front. Right from a database and the strategies to integrate PHP with various database management tools like MySQL, Postgresql, MongoDB, Oracle, and so on.

  4. Framework

    PHP experts shouldn't restrict themselves to understanding the PHP language. They should likewise look to learn different other options. For instance, Laravel, CakePHP, Zend, FatFree, CodeIgniter, etc.

  5. Communication

    Communication is the key to the achievement or failure of any task and just PHP is no special case. Numerous PHP developers commit this normal mistake as they don't have great communication abilities. Regardless of whether you are dealing with one or shuffling various projects, you should incorporate essential business communication behavior.

  6. Web design

    Other than managing PHP scripts, a PHP developer has some work as a website designer too. He should be very much aware of all website design principles; deciding the look and feel of a webpage. They can go from proportions to typography, to grid systems, to color theory.

Factor to consider while you hire PHP Developers in India?

The website of the organization performing to introduce your services of PHP development is a good illustration of how productive the specialist will be. Accordingly, it is important to look at the service provider’s site's appearance, usefulness, designs, developments, content, ease of use, and SEO.

  1. Gathering info

    It is important to gather all the expected information you can get a grip of before choosing the correct developer. The developer needs to have the data to devise a strategy for necessity gathering.

  2. Portfolio

    The portfolio will show to you a few perspectives regarding a developer, for example, their ability to complete a major task, their main subject area, past experiences, and so on.

  3. Feedbacks and testimonials

    Testimonials are an impression of client content. The positive feedback from past customers gives you confirmation that the PHP developer that you have chosen to stay with, works top-class help to its clients.

  4. Skills

    the PHP developer should be all around incorporated with programming comprehension of PHP and HTML in courses of technical capacities. To know developers' experience and expertise, confirm their portfolio.

  5. Cost

    While Employing a PHP Programmer, a few of them trust that recruiting a specialist and capable PHP programmer can cost them costly and may outperform their financial plan. But this isn't right all of the time as now there are master PHP developers who are giving their services at a moderate cost to remain to progress in the competition.

Interview Questions for hiring the perfect PHP Developers in India for your project?

  1. Explain the difference between variables and constants in PHP?

  2. What is a ‘session’ in PHP?

  3. Tell us the meaning of PEAR?

  4. Differentiate between $message and $$message?

  5. Is PHP considered a case-sensitive language?

  6. Explain the various kinds of variables present in current PHP?

  7. Elaborate the rules for naming variables in PHP?

  8. Explain “echo” and “print” in PHP?

  9. What are the core pros and cons of PHP?

  10. Elaborate on the various types of arrays in PHP?