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SynopsisHead-hunters and staffing companies in the US lack global reach (India/Asia) and have no specific technical filtration process for software engineers. Hiring engineers from market places like Upwork and freelance lacks quality, is time-consuming, and are the developers are mostly gig-focused, making them inadequate to attract the best capacity. In this feature, we’ll likewise investigate the upsides of recruiting software developers in India, utilising the services of remote node JS developers with DevzClub.

Relevance of Node JS developers in the modern world

Node.js permits making both for customer and server sides which creates life as exceptionally more straightforward as you are doing not have to switch between frontend and backend. Node.js is one of the effective, broadly utilized, and famous open-source projects on this planet.

 As fresh innovations arise, a significant number of the main programming languages escape the practice or see their popularity blur. Node.js presented back in 2009, isn’t one of these. Node.js development has become extremely well known in the last four years and keeps on standing the competition in 2022 making new companies overall pick it over other accessible choices.

Node.js is neither a library nor a system, but instead a runtime environment dependent on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine. Node.js builds up a two-way connection and interactive communication between the server and the client’s browser, which permits accomplishing low latency and high throughput.

Roles and responsibilities to look for when hiring Node JS developers in India


Other than having the expertise and information about the work, there are sure significant Node JS Roles and Responsibilities that the developer needs to complete in their day-by-day work schedule. The mentioned assignments need a Node JS developer’s most extreme accuracy and commitment that incorporate:

  • Practicing a data streaming app and stages
  • Exercising with server-side proxy and apps.
  • Adding to enhancements in the fields of infrastructure and interaction
  • Working at PayPal Node JS Payment process management
  • Back-end services of client amicable graphical UIs
  • Wireless connectivity, big data analytics, and more.

Aside from the recently talked about jobs, a node JS developer in India likewise has a few responsibilities that should be performed precisely. These node JS Developer responsibilities are as recorded below:

Benefitting Agile– A node JS developer in India who is knowledgeable about utilizing this strategy can bring inventiveness and an elite performance rate to the created web apps.

Frontend education– Associating these applications to databases and the activities that will not be apparent on the UI is one of the node JS developers in India’s jobs and responsibilities.

Clarity of code– At the point when unmistakable code is composed by one developer, it becomes simpler for different developers and programmers to get that. Doing as such can assist with controlling and dividing a node JS developer in India’s Job and responsibilities.

Safety alert– The developers must consider every viewpoint and situation that might perhaps jeopardize the framework or the clients’ secret data and afterwards think of solutions for managing them.

Bug free– the occurrence can blemish and think twice about the working of the product and it is crucial to have some backup alternatives in the chance that such a circumstance emerges.

Perfection of Database– As developers foster the backend apps, they need to work with databases and record maintaining software. They genuinely must be aware of the exchanges that the frontend application does.

Maintaining trends– A developer that continues to become familiar with these new abilities and node JS Development patterns that can carry a great deal to the applications they assemble.

Must have skill sets to ensure while remote hiring Node JS developers in India and Asia

Below are the rows of the essential skill sets that should be there on a node JS developer in India for software development:

1.     Experience– organizations should appropriately assess the up comer’s past experience in Node.js development projects. External qualifications, like particular courses or diplomas, will always be a surplus. Considering that Node.js was presented back in 2009, 2-3 years of experience should at least be there in any applicant.

2.     Acknowledgement– While hunting to recruit Node.js developers, organizations should have a grip of these developers’ comprehension of various and essential Node.js frameworks like Express, the basic structure of the language alongside Koa.js, Hapi, and Total.js that assist with growing the fundamental functionalities of Node.js.

3.     Frontend development– a decent node JS developer in India should have the information about the construction of the software and will show up on the outer section. Hence, it’s important to have information with regards to developing the front-end of the software with fundamental education about the front-end programming language, design, making software dependent on wireframes, and so on.

4.     API communications– A decent node JS developer in India should also be prepared to work more than their ability, practising these current RESTful APIs, other fundamental APIs and incorporating different frameworks for better software development.

5.     Testing and timelines– Each great node JS developer in India is effective with test-driven software development and prompts against bug fixes. Also, the capacity to fulfil deadlines is a crucial quality to search for particularly when you are seeking to employ a Node.js developer for offshore software development.

Node JS developer in India: Interview sample questions

1.     What is the latest trend ongoing in Node JS development?

2.     Is Node JS better than PHP? Explain elaborately.

3.     Which type of performance metrics do you track for node JS development?

4.     What is the concept of event-driven programming in node JS development?

5.     Explain the meaning of Libuv platform and callback hell?

6.     Define test pyramid and globals?

7.     Tell the ways to safe HTTP cookies from XSS attacks.

8.     Write code using module.exports in Node JS.

9.     Explain the term I/O?

10. Name some exit codes under Node JS.

11.   Name the two types of API functionality in Node JS?

12.   Explain the term control flow function?

13.   Why Node JS is single-threaded?

14.   Explain the two arguments that async. queue takes?

15.   What is the event loop in Node JS?

Node JS developer: Remuneration details

Node.js developers are answerable for deploying and keeping up with the network app. They handle the trading of data between the servers and their clients. Additionally, they likewise create back-end parts and connect applications with services on different sites.

A Node.js developer composes server-side web app logic in JavaScript as well as variants of it.

Their responsibility also incorporates supporting front-end developers through coordinating web-based apps, guaranteeing significant level performances of the central database and responsiveness to front-end requests, running diagnostic tests, fixing bugs, and offering technical help, execution of effective security protocols, data protection measures, and storage solutions, recommending and carrying out updates to cycles and techniques.


As per the sources, the average Node.JS Payscale in India is about $30,000 per annum with 2-4 -years of experience. A mid-level web developer with 5 to 8 years’ experience gets $40,000 each annum. As the experience and capacities create, the compensation ascends as a senior-level node JS developer is around $50,000 each year in India.

Reason for hiring node JS developer in India from DevzClub?

Screening Procedure:

Assuming you’re recruiting for Node.js developer abilities, there’s more than one method for cleaning a feline, or in a manner of speaking.

  • The developer ought to be acquainted with back-end programming problems, patterns, and arrangements.
  • Experience in creating and shipping Node.js- based apps.
  • Database design and execution analysis.
  • QA-related abilities (i.e., designing testing situations, and executing those tests).
  • Experience with cloud foundation like step-by-step instructions to empower, deploy to AWS/Azure/GCP cloud infrastructure.
  • A balance of information between syntax (how to write code) and back-end-related problems (what to write).
  • Whatever doesn’t demonstrate to be the information about the tech stack, yet gives business esteem like app support, bug fixing, execution tuning, and so on.
  • Developers that exhibit comprehension of the platform particularly (what issues can emerge, and the correct ways of settling them).
  • Try not to expect that up comers will realize your tech stack back to front. Expect to be that assuming a developer has demonstrated accomplishment in one stack, they can perform to an elevated requirement in another tech stack.
Technical Procedure:

While screening profiles, DevzClub pays special attention to areas where it can push candidates. “I normally chase after things where they have an extent of their flourishing, especially expecting that they make assessments or practice rates. For example, [something like] I created pay by half or lessened downtime by 30%,” they explain.

Rather than just being a spectator, you want to know what the applicant truly did in their past positions. For sure, even the best association has a parted between the people who finish the most and individuals who don’t. In this manner, you truly need to endeavour to figure that out during a gathering. As demonstrated by DevzClub, this fills in as a litmus test for how well they comprehended their part in the past affiliation.

Upcomers may think it sounds ideal to offer expressions like: “I extended structure availability by half.” but, accepting that you’re chatting with someone for a framework engineering situation, for example, you need to know what, definitively, they accomplished. Devzclub mentioned that most frequently, when critical level verifications like these appear on resumes, in all likelihood, the individual hasn’t done them or was only a part and knew very little concerning them. On the other hand, top-up-and-comers can normally explain and back up their declarations, autonomous of how all-around your assessment goes.

Soft Skills:

Soft abilities should be a huge piece of the hiring situation itself. It is basic to test how incredible a singular’s communication capacities are. Moreover, when it says communication, it doesn’t just mean English ownership. I moreover mean matters to do with the ownership. Issues to do with having the choice to investigate uncertainty effectively.  Whether or not a person is adequately proactive to contact a wide scope of people in the relationship to complete particular things, of course expecting the individual is fairly detached. Besides, it is fundamental to measure whether an individual can think in the objective or association scope, more thoroughly than just the task scope.

Cultural Fit:

Cultural fit assists the association in misusing the delays in projects and urges developers to propose methods of making the work processes comparable to conceivable. It offers an opportunity to contribute time and energy to perceive the troublesome cycles that cause disintegration in work. Moreover, it interfaces with every associate to comprehend their considerations and perspectives. It also manufactures exercises that upgrade the voices of your associates and assure that you settle on decisions at the level where the best information is open.

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