Top tips to hire React JS developers in India and Asia


Synopsis- Head-hunters and staffing service providers in the US lacks worldwide reach (India/Asia) and have no particular vetting process in place for software engineers. Hiring developers from marketplaces like Upwork is time-consuming, needs multiple layers of filtration, and the developers are mostly gig-focused, making them incapable to draw in the best ability. IT services organizations are restricted to hiring from local geographical restrictions delivering them unequipped for drawing in global talents.

In this feature, we’ll likewise investigate the upsides of recruiting react JS developers in India, utilising the services of remote react JS developers with DevzClub.

Relevance of React JS developers in the modern world 

React JS developers are frontend developers that fabricate modern UI parts to refine app execution. They influence their insight about JavaScript, HTML, CSS and work intimately with testers, designers, web designers, and project managers to make a robust and viable application.

A React JS developer is responsible for designing and carrying out UI parts for JavaScript-based web and mobile apps with the utilization of an open-source library framework. These developers are a piece of the whole cycle beginning from conception to the significant testing process and follow well-known React JS workflows like Flux.

React JS is a complex structure that has been a critical pleasure for the same developers and associations. React JS developers have been instrumental in helping entrepreneurs to focus on their main business regions, without worrying about other IT-related exercises. This has helped big time in improving customer fulfilment.

Roles and responsibilities to look for when hiring React JS developers in India

An effective hire React JS developer India should play out specific characterized roles and stick to the responsibilities to get the best of it. Here are the significant ones that any React JS developer must follow:

For Technical:
  • Influence the inbuilt react toolbox for making frontend features and make data visualization tools, libraries, and reusable code for prospects.
  • Coordinate designs and wireframes within the app code and screen interaction of clients and turn them into insightful data.
  • Compose application interface code with JavaScript and improve application execution with steady monitoring.
  • Make an interpretation of wireframes and designs into great quality code and enhance parts to work consistently across various browsers and devices.
  • Great comprehension of CSS libraries, GIT, Sigma, Adobe XD etc. and an appropriate user data validation.
  • Create quality and responsive web-based UI on wireframes and mock designs.
  • Compose perfect, concise, and current UI code that uses all templates, CSS-pre-processors with LESS/SASS, and JavaScript highlights.
  • Deal with application’s state and functional libraries successfully for making asynchronous API calls and Get data from asynchronous API calls utilizing react workflows like context APIs and Redux.
  • Deliver a performant app that exercises at different operating systems, devices, and resolutions.
For Non-Technical:
  • Steady interaction with other developer groups and design teams to examine UI concepts.
  • An entire survey of app needs and communicating components.
  • Follow legitimate documentation for changes in-app and further updates.

Must have skills set to ensure while remote hiring React JS developer in India and Asia

React JS needs a specific degree of ability, skillset, and progress to offer the best of development work. Not just any JavaScript developer can be viewed as apt as a capable React JS developer. Today worldwide employers are checking out employing React JS developers for their past activities, labelled with a specific set of predefined ranges of abilities and skills.

Technical Skills:
  • Solid capability in JavaScript, object model, DOM manipulation and event handlers, data structures, algorithms, JSX, and Babel.
  • Complete comprehension of React JS and its primary basics like JSX, Virtual DOM, component lifecycle, and so on.
  • Former experience with React JS workflows like Flux, Redux, Create React App, data structure libraries.
  • Preferred level in Computer Science, Information Technology or similar.
  • Knowledge of RESTful APIs/Graph QL, HTML/CSS, ES6 (variables and scoping, array methods), code versioning tools like GIT, SVN and more. Famous frontend development tools, CI/CD tools, DevOps, performance testing frameworks like Mocha, Node + NPM.
Soft Skills:
  • Capability to make an interpretation of business requirements into technical necessities.
  • Open-minded, cooperative person, able to acknowledge criticism and present suggestions.
  • Great time management, project management, communication, and interpersonal abilities.

15 top React JS developer Interview questions

1. Would you be able to practice react without JSX?

2. How might you construct a global state hook?

3. Why is React JS not the same as Angular?

4. Can you be able to enlighten us regarding JSX?

5. Explain the utilization of Redux-thunk?

6. How might you make Higher-order parts (HOCs) in react?

7. What is the meaning of keys and refs in react?

8. For what reason in all actuality do class methods should be bound to a class instance, and how might you stay away from the requirement for binding?

9. Clarify the positives and negatives of shallow rendering parts in tests.

10. What are the most widely recognized methodologies for styling a react app?

11. Assuming you were dealing with a react application that was rendering a page gradually, how might you approach investigating and fixing the problem?

12. At an undeniable level, what is the virtual DOM (VDOM) and how truly does react utilize it to render to the DOM?

13. Explain prop drilling and how might you stay away from it?

14. How could automated tooling be practised to work on the accessibility of a react app?

15. How should react deal with or limit Props to specific sorts, or require specific Props to exist?

How much does it cost to hire remote React js developers in India

India is one of the significant business sectors to employ developers in Asia. Because it has an ability pool of developers at various experience levels with information on advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and so on. Apart from India, Southeast Asian nations like Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines offer promising skills for your business needs.

The purpose for India’s fame regarding employing remote developers

has been the practical methodology toward business problem-solving.

Accordingly, Google, Microsoft, and even Amazon have fostered numerous workplaces in India.

There are numerous factors dependent on which the compensation plan of a React JS developer depends, here are some of them:

  • Area
  • Experience
  • Skillset
  • Level of Aptitude
  • Association
  • Training and Certification

In light of the above parameters, various geological areas offer diverse compensation figures. Below are the approximate figures recorded by various sources of data that might change dependent on worldwide conditions.


According to the sources, a junior React.JS developer can acquire around $30,000  per annum with 2-4 -years of experience. A mid-level web developer with 5 to 8 years of experience acquires $40,000 for every annum. As the experience and abilities develop, the pay rise as a senior-level React JS developer is around $50,000 per year in India.

Why do top companies from the US and UK hire remote react js developers from DevzClub? 

Screening Procedure:
  • Keep on the essentials of core JavaScript
  • Information on the distinctive architectural ways viable with react and state managers dependent on the Flux approach
  • Comprehension of Jest for test coverage
  • Experience with react native
  • Background experience with adjacent techniques like Node, Webpack, Babel, Redux, HTML5, and a portion of the CSS preprocessors (styled-components, CSS-Modules, SASS, LESS)
Technical Interview Procedure:

While screening profiles, DevzClub looks out for regions where it can push applicants. “I generally hunt for things where they have a proportion of their prosperity, particularly assuming that they make examinations or practice percentages. For instance, [something like] I developed income by 50% or diminished downtime by 30%,” they clarify.

Rather than only being an observer, you need to know what the candidate really did in their past jobs. Indeed, even the best organization has a split between the individuals who finish the most and the people who don’t. Thus, you really want to attempt to sort that out during a meeting. As indicated by DevzClub, this fills in as a litmus test for how well they understood their part in the past association.

Candidates might think it sounds ideal to make statements like: “I expanded framework accessibility by 50%.” However, assuming you’re talking with somebody for a system engineering position, for instance, you want to know what, precisely, they achieved. DevzClub says that most often, when significant level attestations like these show up on resumes, almost certainly, the individual hasn’t done them or was just a member and knew very little with regards to them. Then again, top candidates can generally clarify and back up their proclamations, independent of how inside and out your examination goes.

Soft Skills:

Soft skills must be a significant piece of the recruiting condition itself. It is fundamental to test how great an individual’s communication abilities are. Furthermore, when it says communication, it doesn’t simply mean English fluency. I likewise mean matters to do with the proprietorship. Issues to do with having the option to explore ambiguity successfully. Regardless of whether an individual is sufficiently proactive to contact a wide range of individuals in the association to finish specific things, or then again assuming the individual is somewhat passive.

Secondly, it is essential to measure whether an individual can think in the goal or organization scope, more comprehensively than only the assignment scope.

Culture Fit:

Cultural fit helps the organization with eliminating delays in projects, urges developers to propose ways of making the workflows as good as possible. It offers a chance to invest time and energy to recognize the difficult cycles that cause erosion in work. Additionally, it connects with each colleague to understand their thoughts and viewpoints. It also fabricates practices that enhance the voices of your colleagues and guarantee that you make choices at the level where the best data is accessible. 

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